Chávez / Huerta Commemoration

This year we are adding Dolores Huerta to the Commemorative Period, which extends from March 20th (the traditional beginning of the planting season) through the birthday of César Chávez (March 31st), the birthday of Dolores Huerta (April 10th), and then on the April 23rd, the anniversary of the passing of Chávez.

Honor Roll: Bill Richie

Bill has been one of the most consistent supporters of the project from the very beginning.  He has been instrumental in developing and maintaining the physical site, bringing with him volunteers from CiviCorps, Service for Peace, and the City of Oakland. Bill is married to Isaura, a Venezuelan, and together they have 3 children. Bill […]

Vandalism of Chavez Memorial

The City of Berkeley is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the identification and arrest of the person(s) who has been vandalizing park signs as well as the Chavez Memorial site. The vandalism has occurred 17 times to the memorial site over the last 4 months. Over 275 stones have been knocked over, […]


Summer Solstice Gathering

Dress warmly – the weather is part of the experience Sunday, June 21st (Father’s Day) 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm Sunset @ 8:30 pm Led by Tory Brady, Exploratorium Teacher Institute Mini Workshop on: •  Sun, earth & moon system •  Cultural Celebrations of the season •  Chavez Virtue of “Courage” Next Gathering Autumn Equinox […]